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Athina Stamatopoulou is an Athens-based researcher and architect. She holds a diploma of Architect Engineer and an MSc in the (2-year) postgraduate program ‘Architecture – Spatial Design’ both from the Department of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A). Currently, she is PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture in N.T.U.A., where she also works as invited teaching and research associate. Her recent activity carries out scientific research, through academia and professional collaborations with artists for city-related art projects (i.e. with Akira Takayama, Chto Delat, RAQS Media Collective) in Athens. Her academic research is about methodologies of mapping, describing and designing. She particularly specializes in experimenting with diverse methods of reading and mapping geographical territories (mainly the city) in the context of urban design processes. Though the lens of a relational, complex and systems-oriented thinking conceptions of things, her approach is interdisciplinary, in dialogical relations with philosophy, geography, semiotics, anthropology, sociology, urban design - architecture theory, and practice. Her work's advantage is the interconnection of theory and practice-oriented actions. Her logic of dealing with method makes her flexible and adaptable for different contexts and case-studies.
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